Transfer of an interdisciplinary qualification (HoC or ZaK) into the study plan:

Form-Superdisciplinary Qualification

Approval of the study plan (Before the first examination in the specialisation subject/ technical supplementary subject:

Study plan Master (please print 2x and fill in).

Recognition Master Preference

Within the first Master's semester, you can decide whether or not you would like to take over Master's preferential credits passed in the Bachelor's degree into the Master's degree. Please use the
Master's Preference Form and submit it to the Master Examination Committee (Ms. Benoit).
If you do not want to transfer the achievements, you can take the exam again or choose another module.

Current information

Expiring Examination Regulations:
The examination regulations of the Master's programme in Bioengineering as amended in 2012 will expire on 30.09.2020. After this date, examinations can no longer be taken in these examination regulations.