Specialisation subjects in the Master's programme

In the Master's programme, two specialisation subjects are chosen from a range of 17 subjects. Each specialisation has a scope of 16 LP and usually includes three, depending on the chosen combination also four modules, which can be combined according to interest. A detailed overview of all options is compiled in the specialisation catalogue:

Version winter 2023/24: List of specialisation subjects (SPO 2016) (PDF).
A detailed description of the contents can be found in the module handbook:
Module Handbook Master CIW Module Handbook Master BIW

  1. Fill in the form "Studienplan Master"  and send it by email to Mrs Gärtner (marion gaertner does-not-exist.kit edu)
  2. After the approval of the study plan, the elections in the CAS system will be made by Mrs Gärtner, after that it is possible to register for the exam (this concerns the Technical Complementary Subjects and the Specialization Subjects).
  3. Arrange examination dates with the respective lecturers, secretariats.
    As before, the person responsible for the VF decides whether there will be an overall oral examination of the module combination or individual oral examinations of the modules. In the case of the overall examination, a grade is awarded for each module.
  4. The study plan is submitted to the assessor before the examination, who checks whether the student is entitled to take the examination on the basis of the study plan. During the Corona pandemic, due to the non-contact examinations, there is no acknowledgement on the study plan.



Students who study according to the study and examination regulations 2016, please submit the study plan (as of 03.04.2023) for approval.

!! Due to the current situation, we kindly ask you to send the completed study plan by email to Mrs. Gärtner (marion gaertner does-not-exist.kit edu)

Study plan Master (SPO 2016)



In the winter semester, Master's students have the opportunity to spend a semester at the University of Hohenheim and complete a module of the Extended Fundamentals as well as a specialisation subject and, if applicable, a technical supplementary subject. Pre-registration is required by 31 July.
Application formalities (PDF).

The following specialisation subjects are offered
Applied Rheology Product design
Biopharmaceutical process engineering Production processes for the material use of renewable raw materials
Chemical energy sources - fuel technology Processes of Mechanical Process Engineering
Chemical Process Engineering Technical Biology
Energy Process Engineering Technical Thermodynamics
Energy and Combustion Technology Thermal Process Engineering
Entrepreneurship in Process Engineering Environmental Process Engineering
Gas Particle Systems Combustion Technology
Food Process Engineering Water Technology

A specialisation subject "sustainable production of renewable raw materials" can be taken at the University of Hohenheim.

Course-specific rules for the choice of specialisation subjects
At most one of the following subjectsAt least one of the following subjects
Biopharmaceutical Process EngineeringBiopharmaceutical Process Engineering
Production processes for the material use of renewable raw materialsProduction processes for the material use of renewable raw materials
Technical BiologyTechnical Biology

Food Process Engineering

Water Technology