Please note!

From WS 20/21 there is a new version for the module Technical Mechanics: Statics and Strength of Materials.

What is new?
In the first semester only statics (4 SWS/ 5 LP) and in the second semester only strength of materials (4 SWS/ 5 LP) will be taught. For both parts there is a separate exam.

Who is affected?
The change applies to all who have not yet started the module up to and including summer semester 2020. All those who write the exam for the first time no later than 20.10.2020 are automatically still in the old version.
For all those who have already written the exam up to and including 20.10. but have not passed it, a repeat exam will be offered in which the parts statics and strength of materials will be assessed together.
All those who start their studies in WS 20/21 or who postpone the TM exam will automatically be in the new version with two separate exams.

Why the change?
The exam covering the material of two semesters has not proved successful in the past. The knowledge from the first semester is often no longer so present in the fall, making it difficult to prepare for the exam. In addition, the division brings more flexibility, e.g. in the case of recognition of achievements in the case of a change of subject.

The Study and Examination Regulations 2012 expire on 30.09.2022. After this date, it will no longer be possible to take examinations in these study and examination regulations.

Most important change: The maximum processing time for Bachelor theses has been reduced to 4 months.
The complete text of the study and examination regulations including all changes is summarised in the unofficial reading version

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