Peter and Luise Hager Prize 2021 for Dr.-Ing. Hannah Kirsch

For her outstanding experimental and theoretical work on the systematic investigation of the process integration of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and hydrocracking with a view to the simplest possible process design for decentralised plants for the production of drop-in-capable synthetic fuels, Dr. Ing. Hannah Kirsch is awarded the Peter and Luise Hager Prize 2021. Congratulations!

The KIT Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, together with the Peter and Luise Hager Foundation, awards this science prize annually and for the sixth time for scientific work in the field of chemical engineering and process engineering in the area of energy and environmental technology.

Kirsch privat
Dr.-Ing. Hannah Kirsch
Hans Rumpf Medal for Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hermann Nirschl

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hermann Nirschl is honoured by DECHEMA with the Hans Rumpf Medal for his outstanding research work in the field of mechanical process engineering. Congratulations!

RepoPaKKIT/ RepoPaK
Save waste with rubbish?


The winners of the chemPLANT student competition of the creative young process engineers (kjVI) of the VDI Society for Process and Chemical Engineering (GVC) this year come from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT. The winning team Lukas Richter, Paul Neugebauer, Phillip Beeskow and Jonas Jaske with team leader Tom Poppe convinced the jury at the digital Thermodynamics colloquium with their recycling concept for chemSACK, a bin liner with typical contents of a fictitious big city.




14.12.2021 CIW Fakultätskolloquium

Dr.-Ing. Ulrike van der Schaaf (BLT-LVT): "Molecular structure-function relationships for food hydrocolloids at interfaces"


18.01.2022 Habilitationskolloquium

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