We research and teach the processes and procedures of material and energy conversion

  • Our research is geared to the requirements of a resource-efficient and increasingly data-based industrial society
  • With our research-based teaching, we qualify engineers for a sustainable economic society
  • Our networking with innovative young and established companies, organizations and authorities ensures efficient knowledge and technology transfer.


Sara ClaramuntKIT/Chiara Bellamoli
Blanc & Fischer Innovation Award for Dr.-Ing. Sara Claramunt

Dr.-Ing. Sara Claramunt was awarded the Blanc & Fischer Innovation Prize. Congratulations to her! The prize recognizes forward-looking dissertations whose subject matter has high potential for transfer into practice. The process engineer has developed an energy-efficient and climate-friendly process for the production of polydextrose, which has since been patented. Ms. Claramunt completed her doctorate under Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Dittmeyer (IMVT).

Gips-Schüle Research Prize for Negative Emisions Technology

The Stuttgart Gips-Schüle Foundation honours the work on the NECOC process (Negative Emissions through converting Carbon diOxide to Carbon) with the prestigious Gips-Schüle Research Award. We congratulate our colleagues from the Institute of Thermal Process Engineering on this great success!

WolfPeter Leuten, DVV Media
Award ceremony Carl-Zerbe Prize for TT.-Prof. Dr. Moritz Wolf

TT-Prof. Dr. Moritz Wolf has been awarded the prestigious Carl-Zerbe Prize of the German Scientific Society for Sustainable Energy, Mobility and Carbon Cycles (DGMK). The prize recognizes outstanding scientific work by younger scientists in the specialist fields of processing and application of carbon carriers, such as their conversion.


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