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Exam Organization

Administration of examinations/ courses of studies/ double

QisPos: Bachelor - students of the examination regulations 2012 until 30.09.2022
CAS-Campus: All Master students, Bachelor students of the examination regulations 2015

Publication of examination results

Please note the data protection regulations (PDF).
Grades can be made provisionally visible in the campus management system. A notice of grades is therefore not required! Grades that have been made provisionally visible can still be changed by the examiner/ exam administrator after the examination has been viewed. Changes of published grades are only possible by the performance coordinators of the faculty (Marion Gärtner, Barbara Freudig, Julia Hofer).

Campus Rolls

Audit clerk
(various persons)
  • Creates exams
  • Can manage own exams
  • can register and deregister students
  • enters grades
  • can make grades provisionally visible/publish
  • can change grades that have been made provisionally visible
Exam coordinator
(Freudig, Gärtner, Hofer)
  • Access to all exams in the organizational unit
Performance coordinator
(Freudig, Gärtner, Hofer)
  • Has access to the study process of individual students
  • Can undo published grades/ Can change published grades
  • Can select and deselect modules and partial performances for individual students
Module coordinator
  • Creates modules and maintains content
  • Adds modules to the course of study
Course coordinator (Hofer, Freudig)
  • Creates events and maintains contents
  • Adds persons to events
  • Books rooms for courses
  • Creates timetables
Authorization processor
(Freudig, Hofer)
  • Can add persons to the organizational unit
  • Can assign roles in Campus Management to individual persons