You are in principle completely free in your choice of courses and can choose from the Bachelor's and Master's programme those courses that best fit into your course of study and for which you receive recognition at your home university. When choosing your courses, however, please note that there are courses such as exercises, (block) seminars or internships which only accept a limited number of participants. In addition, if you are enrolled in the KIT Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering, you should choose at least 70% of the courses from the course catalogues of Chemical Engineering/Bioengineering. However, you are free to supplement your Learning Agreement with up to 30% of courses from other KIT faculties. We assume that you take at least 20 - 30 ECTS per semester, including the language courses(GermanExternal Link; all other languagesExternal Link) or the general education courses at the Center for Applied Cultural Studies and Studium Generale ZAKExternal Linkand House of Competences HOC External Link.

An overview of all courses offered at the KIT Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering can be found in the module manuals:
Module Manual Master Chemical Engineering
Module Manual Master Bioengineering
Module Manual Bachelor Chemical Engineering
Module Manual Bachelor Bioengineering

Some of the courses listed in the module handbook are already available via the Campus Management System, i.e. you can register online for exams and retrieve your transcripts.

When choosing your courses, please note whether they run over 1 or 2 semesters. The examination for courses that run over 2 semesters (winter and summer semesters) includes the material of the complete module. This is important for you if you study at KIT for only 1 semester.

English lectures at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering can be found here: Department of Chemical and Process Engineering: English Lectures


Please note the following instructions when creating your Learning Agreement:

  • The Learning Agreement must be completed in Mobility Online. Only if your University does not take part in the EWP Program you can complete a Learning Agreement and send it as PDF via Email.
  • Then, please use only the official form of the Learning Agreement.
  • Enter the title, ECTS credits and the semester of your chosen courses and please note
  • It is absolutely necessary - to avoid confusion - that you enter the module number or course number of your chosen courses.

You will find all the necessary information in the module handbook !

Good language skills are expected for studying at the KIT Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering.

  • You need a B1 level in German if you want to attend courses taught in German.
  • We expect a B2 level in English if you want to attend courses taught exclusively in English and/or want to write a bachelor/master thesis.

However, we strongly recommend that you acquire a good basic knowledge of German before you start your studies in Karlsruhe, which will help you to cope with everyday life such as looking for a room, shopping, social contacts ... will be easier for you.

If you intend to write a bachelor or master thesis during your stay at KIT, you have to find a supervisor at the institute where you would like to write the thesis. Please note that you have to find both your topic and your supervisor independently and without support by the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering or IStO.

You can inform yourself on the homepages of the institutes which projects/work are offered. If you find a thesis you are interested in, write an e-mail to the contact person asking about the conditions such as content, language, ECTS credits. Normally, the KIT Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering awards 12 ECTS for Bachelor theses and 30 ECTS for Master theses .

In exceptional cases, the assignment of tasks and the ECTS number can be adapted to the requirements of your home university. The thesis is then carried out as a "research project".

For all general questions regarding application, admission, room search, enrolment, orientation week, intensive language courses etc. please visit the homepage of the International Students Office


Information on the application formalities for Incoming Erasmus Students can be found on the following page:

Further information from the International Students Office can be found here:

If you have any questions about the Learning Agreement, the courses, the exam registration.... please contact
Mrs Marion Gärtner (marion gaertner does-not-exist.kit edu), bldg. 40.51, room 304


During the stay

You will find all offers about where and when the lectures/courses etc. will take place in the current course catalogueExternal Link or on the homepage of the institute offering the course.

For your first orientation on campus, please use the campus mapExternal Link.

Registration is not necessary for most courses or lectures. However, there are some tutorials, internships or block courses that require registration. These courses are announced by the lecturer during the first lecture. If you want to participate in one of these courses you have to register either online, via ILIASExternal Link or via the Campus Management SystemExternal Linkor directly with the lecturer. The lecturer will tell you how to register.

ILIAS is an online learning platform that provides information about the courses, lecture notes or learning materials and offers discussion forums. In addition, ILIAS is partly used to register for tutorials and workshops.

Here you can find Information on the Campus Management System:



Please note that you can only use both portals once you are registered at KIT and have your student account.

3.1 Intensive language course before the start of the semester

As an exchange student you have the opportunity to participate in a three-week intensive German language course for beginners and advanced students (level A2 - B2). We strongly recommend that you take part in this course as it will refresh your language skills and facilitate your start in your studies.

Please note: these pre-semester courses do not replace the language certificates required for admission to the exchange programme.

The intensive courses always take place after the orientation week (O-Phase) and start about 3 weeks before the beginning of the semester. Information about the exact dates as well as registration information can be found in the letter accompanying the letter of admission, which will be sent to you by the International Students Office.

The course lasts 3 weeks, includes 4 lessons per day and costs 75 €. Upon successful completion of the exam you will usually receive 4 ECTS, provided you have attended at least 80% of the lessons.

3.2 German courses

The KIT Studienkolleg offers German courses during the semester. One German course per semester is free of charge, but unfortunately the number of places is limited - more detailedinformationExternal Link.

Please note that these courses are very popular. Therefore, you should register early if you want to take part (preferably on the day the registration portal opens).

3.3 All other languages

You can also register at the KIT Language CenterExternal Link for "foreign" language courses (e.g.: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, and many more). Here, one course is also free of charge.

Please keep in mind that these courses are also very much in demand and you must therefore register early. Here you will find more detailed information about the registration processExternal Link.

Experience has shown that most Learning Agreements have to be changed again once you are on site. Please decide within the first 4 - 6 weeks after the start of the lecture period which courses you want to cancel from your original Learning Agreement and which courses you want to replace them with. The KIT Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering does not oblige its incoming students to take a certain number of ECTS, but as a non-binding guideline we recommend to take between 20 - 30 ECTS, including language courses and key qualifications.

Changes to the Learning Agreement have to be carried out in Mobility Online. This applies to all students coming from a University that is part of the EWP Program. The forms are only for use it your University does not take part in the EWP Program. Then, please use the official forms "During Mobility" for ERASMUS studentsExternal Linkand Overseas for changes to the Learning Agreements . Please send the Learning Agreement you have signed by email to Mrs Marion Gärtner (marion gaertner does-not-exist.kit edu). The Learning Agreement will be returned to you by email after signature by the host university. Please do not forget to send the changes to your home university after signature by the host university.


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Erde S.Schaefer/KIT
International Student Office

At the end of the stay

Basically, you can extend your study stay at KIT by one semester if you intend to study here for a longer period of time or to write your final thesis. For this purpose, please submit proof of your home university that it agrees to the extension. Furthermore, you have to create a new Learning Agreement for the additional semester. If you intend to write a final thesis, you will also need a confirmation from your supervisor for the extension.


All students who want to stay for a full academic year at KIT or extend their stay must register with Campus ManagementExternal Link. The following deadlines are provided for this purpose:

  • 15.01. - 15.02. for the summer semester
  • 01.07. - 15.08. for the winter semester

Please make sure that you observe the deadlines for re-registration mentioned above. In case of non-observance a fee of 15 € will be charged. Without re-registration you cannot register for examinations in the next semester.

3.1 Examination periods

Depending on the type of event, written or oral examinations must be taken at KIT.

Written Exams
The examination periods for written examinations extend from the end of the lecture period to the end of the semester.

  • Winter semester: mid February to the end of March
  • Summer semester: August to the end of September

Each course with a written examination has its own examination date. The examination dates for Bachelor exams can be found here: (Exam dates Bachelor BIW) (Exam dates Bachelor CIW) (Exam dates Master)

Oral examinations
You can make an appointment for the oral examination directly with the examiner or his secretariat. Please note that some examiners have fixed examination periods. It is best to inform yourself in good time at the secretariat of the examiner.

If you have to return to your home university before the official examination date, you should discuss the problem with your examiner in good time. In justified exceptional cases, the examiner will decide whether the exam can be brought forward. Such an exception is usually only granted for oral examinations.

In very special exceptional cases, it may also be possible to take a written examination after returning to the home university. However, this requires an agreement between the examiner at KIT and the responsible person at your home university. In any case, your home university must ensure that the exam is written at the same time and under the same conditions as at KIT.

3.2 Registration for the Exams

You can register online at Campus ManagementExternal Linkfor all exams of the courses listed in the module manuals for the Bachelor and Master programmes of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering. If an online registration via the Campus Management System is not possible, please contact Mrs. Marion Gärtner (marion gaertner does-not-exist.kit edu) BEFORE the exam.

3.3 Deregistration from the examinations

If you are unable to take an exam for any reason, you must cancel your registration in good time. This can be done online at Campus ManagementExternal Link (please note the deadline for deregistration), provided you have registered online. However, please also deregister at the institute or with the examiner. This can be done by email. In case of oral exams, please always deregister with the examiner or his secretary.


Your examination results will be entered into your student account promptly after the correction (for written examinations) has been completed. Please keep in mind, however, that the correction phase can take up to 8 weeks after completion of the exam.

Afterwards you can print out a grade statement online at Campus ManagementExternal Link at any time.

As soon as all grades are entered, you can print your final Transcript of Records yourself. Since the Transcript of Records is generated automatically, it does not have a signature, but is provided with a verification code instead.

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