Bachelor-Master transition


If you have finished your Bachelor studies at KIT and want to continue your studies in the Master, this is formally a change of the study program. Therefore, you have to apply again for your Master's degree at KIT in due time. We have compiled the most important information on the formal procedure in the following documents:

Master transfer (pdf)
Exmatriculation - Transfer (pdf)

Further information can be found on the pages of SLE:

Master's Preference

Bachelor: Master's degree preference - take examinations

You can already take examinations from the Master's programme during your Bachelor's degree. These exams are called "master's preference".

  • Prerequisites: At least 120 LP in the Bachelor
  • Maximum scope: 30 LP
  • The following examinations are possible: Modules from the subject Extended Fundamentals, Interdisciplinary Qualifications
  • Registration: Online in the student portal in the Master's Preference section

Detailed information can be found in the following document: Master 's Preference (pdf)

Master: Transferring Master's Preferred Credits

As soon as you are enrolled in the Master's programme, you can transfer Master's preferred credits.

  • Students are entitled to later recognition of the achievements for the Master's programme, provided that they are included in the curriculum of the chosen Master's programme.
  • The recognition of Master's preferred credits is voluntary, i.e. you decide yourself which Master's preferred credits you wish to transfer.

The following form must be completed in order to transfer Master's preferred credits:
Transfer of Master's Preferred Credits to the Master's Degree Program.