Information about further useful and exciting offers at KIT

Beyond the faculty, there are other cultural and sports activities at KIT. Here you can pursue your hobbies and meet nice students from other study programs.
Preparatory course for international students

You want to improve your German language skills? At the Studienkolleg, international students can take German courses during their studies. International students of KIT are exempted from paying fees for one language course per semester.

At the Language Center, on the other hand, you can learn various languages from scratch or, if you already have some knowledge, you can deepen it. There are courses for English, Spanish, French and Swedish, but also for Polish, Turkish and Arabic and many other languages. If you are interested, just drop by!

Gruppe beim LernenKIT
MINT College Baden-Württemberg

The MINT-Kolleg Baden-Württemberg offers courses in MINT subjects (mathematics, computer science, natural science, technology) that prepare students for and accompany their studies. If you want to refresh your knowledge in these subjects, this is the right place for you. Especially helpful for international students is the DaF-MINT online course. Here, assistance is given in learning the technical language. Semester-long courses support the content of individual lectures. The Open Learning Room is a quiet place that is available for self-study or can be used for group work. A specialist lecturer is even available to answer questions about higher mathematics.

Buddy-ProgrammDas internationale Buddy-Programm
International Buddy Program

The international buddy program is a platform for encounters between students from all over the world and local students. Here you will meet students from all faculties! Buddies help newcomers to find their way around KIT and Karlsruhe. You can count on their help! The buddy program also organizes nice excursions to the hotspots of the region e.g. to Heidelberg, Strasbourg, to the Mummelsee or to the Europapark. More info on the website or on Instagram.

Karlsruhe Studierendenwerk

The Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe also offers many cultural activities and events. From campus and city tours, German courses, international game nights, bike tours and excursions in the region, everything is there. At the Studierendenwerk you will also find support in difficult life situations and can get advice, with questions or problems around the topics of housing, money and children you are in the right place. More information on the website or on Instagram.

University Sports

If you like it sporty, you should definitely drop by the university sports. The university sport offers a colorful range of sports in over 70 different disciplines: If you like to play a team sport, you can let off steam in soccer, handball or inline field hockey, for example. But there are also swimming courses, a racing bike group, a hiking course, acrobatics and much more. Check out the website, under sports courses from A to Z all sports are listed.

Working Group Culture and Communication

The Working Group Culture and Communication (AKK) organizes parties as well as dance classes. Those who would like to try their hand at knitting or crocheting in the wintertime will find the right offer here, as well as other people to join in. International students may find the workshops on baking Christmas cookies exciting, as well as getting to know the other culture. There is also a public book shelf at the AKK. If you would like to fix the flat tire on your bike yourself, this is the place to go. At the Old Stadium you will find a workshop for bicycle repairs and other handicrafts.