Help with your start at university
Getting to know the study programme, the faculty and the KIT together:
  • Simplify entry into the study programme.
  • Clarify questions.
  • Provide help in making contacts in your own degree programme and with higher semesters.

Participation is recommended for all first-year students!


Once you have your KIT account, you can register directly for the mentoring programme by joining the ILIAS course: Anmeldungslink

  • A group of first-year students is supervised by one or two mentors.
  • Group allocation via the ILIAS learning platform: You can join a group directly in the ILIAS course on mentoring.
  • Late registration in the winter semester is possible at any time.
  • A group meeting takes place approximately once a month in a relaxed setting, e.g. in the Oxford Pub.
  • The time and place of the meetings can be arranged flexibly within the group.


Become a Mentor

  • You can apply to be a mentor from the 3rd semester onwards.
  • Application to mentoring∂
  • Application period from the beginning of June to August 8th
  • You can also apply in pairs for a group.
  • After participation you will receive 1 ECTS which can be credited as a key qualification.
  • The number of participants is limited to 24 places.
  • As preparation, a half-day training and a faculty briefing will be held.



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