Information about the master thesis

Important information for students regarding the official registration process for the Master's thesis
(as of 07/16/2019)

1) Certificate of Admission (green) Print out (use only the form on this page!!), fill it in and hand it in to the assignment provider or his/her secretariat. The assignment submitter or the secretariat sends the original admission certificate together with a copy of the assignment signed by the assignment submitter to Ms. Benoit (Building 40.51, Room 304). The documents should be submitted BEFORE the start of the assignment if possible, but can also be submitted shortly after the start of the assignment, but must be received by the Master's Examination Board no later than 4 weeks after the start of the assignment. This also applies to external Master's theses.

2) Topic, start of thesis etc. will be entered in the system by the Master Examination Board.

3) The student will receive an email as soon as the information regarding the master thesis is entered in the system.

Please note: The Master's thesis may only be started after the following achievements have been successfully completed:
a) Professional internship
b) Process and plant engineering and three further extended basic subjects

Further information:

1) The Master's thesis should not exceed 55 to 60 pages (without appendix).

2) For theses written in English, the application must be submitted with an English assignment. The declaration of independence in the thesis should also be written in English.

3) The assignment with which the Master's thesis is reported to the Examination Committee must be included unchanged in the thesis (front).

4) Blocking Notice. For papers that need to receive a blocking note, please use the following template:
Sperrvermerk Vorlage.pdf

5) When handing in the Master's thesis, the student has to assure in writing that he/she has written the thesis independently and has not used any sources and aids other than those indicated by him/her, that he/she has marked the passages taken over verbatim or in content as such and that he/she has observed the statutes of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) for the safeguarding of good scientific practice in the currently valid version. If this declaration is not included, the thesis will not be accepted. If an untrue statement is submitted, the Master's thesis will be graded as "not sufficient" (5.0). (SPO 2016, § 14 para. 5).

The declaration may read as follows:


"I truthfully affirm to have written the thesis independently, to have indicated all used aids completely and accurately, and to have marked everything taken from the works of others unchanged or with modifications, as well as to have observed the KIT Statutes for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice in the currently valid version."


"Declaration of originality:

I hereby declare that I have composed this paper by myself and without any assistance other than the sources given in my list of works cited. This paper has not been submitted in the past or is currently being submitted to any other examination institution. It has not been published. All direct quotes as well as indirect quotes which in phrasing or original idea have been taken from a different text (written or otherwise) have been marked as such clearly and in each single instance under a precise specification of the source.

I am aware that any false claim made here results in failing the examination.

Place, Date Signature"

6) A justified application for an extension (SPO 2016, § 14 Abs. 6) can be submitted to the Master Examination Board. Valid reasons can be, for example: illness, failure of the experimental apparatus, delivery problems, etc. A form must be requested from the Master's Examination Board for the application.

7) In the case of external Master's theses, the examination regulations (SPO 2016, §14 (2)) and the MERKBLATT for external theses must be observed.

8) A copy of the thesis has to be handed in to Mrs. Benoit, Building 40.51, Room 304, by the deadline. This copy will be forwarded to the second examiner for the preparation of the second opinion after the date of submission has been determined.

For queries: Master's Examination Committee, Ms. Benoit (marion benoit does-not-exist.kit edu), as at: 13.05.2019