Many institutes advertise final theses on their institute homepages. If you like an advertised thesis, contact the supervisor (usually a research assistant or doctoral student) of the thesis.

Or you can go to the institute in person and find out from the institute's scientific staff which theses they will be offering in the near future.

If you are writing a thesis outside the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering, you need a supervisor (professor) from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering.

The maximum duration of study in Bachelor Bioengineering or Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering is 12 semesters.

Generally, there is no deadline by which you must take an exam the second time.
Exceptions: The deadline for taking the orientation exam must be met; The maximum study duration of 12 semesters may not be exceeded; If you have applied for a second repetition, the exam in question must be taken no later than the next but one examination date.

Written examinations: The date until which online withdrawal is possible is determined by the examiner. You always have the possibility to withdraw from the examination without giving any reasons before the written examinations are handed out in the lecture hall. You can have your withdrawal confirmed with the following form (PDF). Withdrawal is no longer possible until you have started the exam.
Oral exams: Please keep in mind that the examiner will schedule a time for your exam. You must therefore withdraw from an oral examination at least three days before the examination date.

At least one of the modules "Ethics and Material Cycles" or "Industrial Management" must be taken. The selection of a further module is made on one's own responsibility from the entire range of courses offered by KIT and does not require the approval of the examination board. Mostly courses of the Language Center, HoC or ZaK are taken.