Our master programs

The KIT Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering offers two Master's programs. On the following pages you will find information on content and organization.
The study programs offer a flexible design as well as a diverse range of options and specializations. The contents are oriented towards the research foci of the KIT faculty. In addition to classical process engineering, there are courses in the fields of energy and environmental engineering, product design, and bio- and food technology, to name just a few examples.
A professional internship, interdisciplinary qualifications as well as a master thesis, in which you participate in current research topics, complete the profile.

Bioengineering / Chemical Engineering & Process Engineering
Standard period of study4 semesters
(maximum duration of study 8 semesters)
Credit points120
DegreeMaster of Science
ApplicationWinter and summer semester
summer semester


For Master's preferred credits to be recognised in the Master's, the form"Transfer of Master's preferred credits to the Master's programme" must be completed and submitted to the Master's Examination Board (Ms Benoit).

A paper copy of the study plan must be completed and submitted to Ms. Benoit (Building 40.51, Room 304) for approval. Please note: PRINT OUT BEFORE and BACK and submit TWO copies for approval. The form can be found here: Plan of Study

Once the study plan has been approved, the choices made will be transferred into the system and you will then be able to register for exams.

Further information can be found on the page"Specialisation subjects".

After approval of the study plan and making the choices in the CAS system by Ms. Benoit, you can register online for the exams.

Exception: Some modules (e.g. from other faculties) cannot be mapped in the CAS system and are entered as placeholder modules. In this case, you must collect a "Certificate of Admission to an Examination" from Ms Benoit BEFORE the examination and use this to register with the examiner for the examination. The form will be completed by the examiner after the examination and returned to Ms Benoit (Building 40.51, Room 304).

Additional credits and interdisciplinary qualifications cannot always be registered directly in the CAS system (e.g. some modules from another faculty). In any case, you must contact Ms Benoit BEFORE the examination. Either the module can be entered in your study schedule and you can then register for the examination online or you will receive a "Certificate of Admission to an Examination" in order to register for the examination with the examiner. The form will be filled out by the examiner after the exam and returned to Mrs. Benoit (Building 40.51, Room 304).

Exception for interdisciplinary qualification at the House of Competence (HoC) or Language Centre
If the generic qualification is taken at the HoC or Language Centre, then no certificate of admission is required for an examination performance, as the performances are automatically posted in the CAS system under "unassigned performance records".

Crediting of performances that are listed under "unassigned certificates of achievement
If you wish to receive credit for an achievement that is listed under "unassigned credits", you must complete the form"Übertrag SQ MPA" and submit it to the Master's Examination Board (Frau Benoit, Geb. 40.51, Raum 304).

What is considered a supra-disciplinary qualification (key qualification)?

According to the definition of the Education Commission NRW (1995) key qualifications are

"[...] acquireable general skills, attitudes and knowledge elements which are useful in solving problems and acquiring new competences in as many content areas as possible, so that an ability to act is created which makes it possible to meet both individual and societal requirements."

Key qualifications are defined as supra-disciplinary qualifications that are intended to enable people to take action. They are therefore not specialist knowledge, but enable the competent handling of specialist knowledge. Key qualifications are made up of a broad spectrum of overarching skills from both the cognitive and the affective spheres. These competences can be used and transferred flexibly and innovatively in various situations and functions.

Such events can be attended at ZAK[http://www.zak.kit.edu/], HOC[http://www.hoc.kit.edu/] and SPZ[http://www.spz.kit.edu/], for example, and the corresponding competencies can be acquired. This is also recommended by the faculty. Due to the breadth of the offer, the SPO and the module handbook do not impose any restrictions on the choice of key qualifications.

Within the university system

According to § 18 of the Study and Examination Regulations, study and examination achievements whichhave been obtained in courses of study at state or state-recognised universities and universities of cooperative education in theFederal Republic of Germany orat foreign state or state-recognised universities canbe recognised upon application by the student. Please submit an informal application (email) to Ms. Benoit and enclose the necessary supporting documents (e.g. transcript of records, certificates, module descriptions,...).
Students who are newly enrolled in the Master's programme in Bioengineering or Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering must submit the application within one semester. No deadlines apply to achievements made within the framework of exchange programmes.

Outside the university system

Knowledge acquired outside the university system can also be recognised. A common example is the recognition of a work placement by submitting a certificate or proof of relevant vocational training. Please also submit an informal application (email) to Ms. Benoit for achievements acquired outside the university system.

Master information event - once a year (summer term)
During this week, the specialisation subjects will be presented online and you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

In advance, you can inform yourself in the cross-semester ILIAS course on the Master's transition/Master's.


Status: 04.05.2021 (M. Benoit)