Courses, Lectures, Modules

Important dates - Setting up/changing a course offering

Module handbooks

must be published 6 weeks before the start of lectures (September 1 or February 1). Please inform the module coordinator (Barbara Freudig) of any changes in good time. Please note that when the module handbooks are published, any changes that affect the

course catalogue

should also be available. Please report any changes to your course in good time to the course scheduler (Volker Gaukel or Klaudia Merkle).

Setting up a new course/ discontinuation of a course

If you want to offer a new course, you need

  • a lecture date/ room
  • a module description
  • an assignment to a module/subject/program of study

Please contact the module coordinator and the timetable planner.
If a course expires, this should ideally be announced before the course is offered for the last time!