Are you interested in Chemical and Process Engineering or Bioengineering?

In Chemical and Process Engineering as well as in Bioengineering, the focus is on engineering sciences and process engineering.

Chemical engineers develop, design and operate processes in which raw materials are converted into high-quality products with specific properties using chemical, biological and physical processes.

Nowadays, the job opportunities of graduates go far beyond the classic career in the chemical industry. Energy and environmental engineering, sustainability and resource efficiency, water technology and wastewater treatment, exhaust gas treatment and food process engineering are highly topical fields of activity.

In the first semesters, the focus is on the basics in mathematics, natural sciences and engineering. In laboratory courses, students get to know various measuring methods as well as the design and handling of technical systems.

You should have:

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Laboratory course
  • interest in technical issues,
  • a basic understanding of scientific and mathematical contexts, and
  • the willingness to work in a team.
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Information brochure of the VDI (The Association of German Engineers)

Further information on admission, on studying in general and on advisory and entry programs can be obtained from the Student Advisory Services (ZSB).